Applying for a License


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Specific regulations on what you need to do to get and keep your license varies between each state. But the general process of getting a license follows these common steps:

  1. Study for your learner’s permit with a driver’s handbook. Taking practice tests will help you pass the actual written test.
  2. After you pass this test, most states let you drive with certain restrictions, such as driving with a registered license holder in the vehicle with you.
  3. Next, you need to take a road test where an evaluator will determine if your driving skills are safe and competent. Passing the test takes practice, either on your own or through a driving school.
  4. Once you pass, you become a fully licensed driver. To maintain your license, you will have to renew your license regularly and replace it if it is ever lost, stolen or damaged. You must also ensure that the information on your license is current, which means updating it if your name or address changes.

You can find more information about each step in our easy guides and articles on our site. Simply choose your state above to start.