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Practice Tests

Taking practice tests can make it easier for you to pass your written permit test. With practice tests, you get hands-on experience applying your knowledge, you can anticipate what kind of questions the DMV office will ask, and you’ll become more comfortable with the test format. Our practice tests offer you the following benefits:

  • Questions that are similar to the actual DMV test
  • Take the practice test however many times you want
  • Easy formats: PDF or Word documents allow you to read on your computer or print out tests easily
  • 25 Road Sign questions

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Save Your Time, Use Our DMV Practice Tests

Using practice tests gives you a faster way to absorb information. Rather than passively reading, make sure you truly understand what you’re learning by applying your knowledge to a test. Instead of wasting time by failing the exam at the DMV, use practice tests to perfect your knowledge.  Our practice tests prepare you with the following:

  • Questions on safe driving
  • Questions about speed limits
  • General driving questions
  • State specific questions

To increase your chances of passing the permit exam, choose your state from above to get a practice test.