Traffic School


Benefits of Attending Driving School

With the guidance of a driving teacher, you will learn to become a safer and more competent driver. Another big benefit is that some states reduce traffic ticket fees or decrease your number of demerit points if you attended driving school. Enter your zip code below to see what benefits your state offers you for attending driving school.

Online vs Bricks and Mortar

There are two types of driving schools: bricks-and-mortar and online. Though online driving schools are new, they already hold key benefits over brick-and-mortar driving schools:
  1. Convenience: Learn at your own pace, whenever you have time.
  2. Comfort: No need to find a way to get to a brick-and-mortar building to sit in a class to listen to an instructor talk for a pre-determined amount of time. Instead, log on from the comfort of your own home, take breaks, or eat while you learn.
  3. Engagement: Online courses are designed to help you interact with the content. Learning through online interaction can help you absorb the information better while entertaining at the same time.
  4. Cost savings: Online driving schools are cheaper.
Online driving schools are relatively new and not every state has one, so put your zip code in our search bar above and we’ll let you know whether this is an option to you.