License Plate Registration


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Whether it’s a state default plate or a personalized license plate that shows off your interest, passion, or support, we’ve got everything you need to know about license plates all in one place. To make it easier to find the perfect plate for your vehicle, we’ve got a guide all about different kinds of license plates and placards, how to find the one that’s right for you, and state regulations on registering plates.

By selecting your state, you’ll get information on what your state requires when it comes to custom vanity plates. We also provide downloadable application forms for specialized plates, and show you what the fees will cost.

If you require a permanent disability license plate or would like a military plate, you’ll find information on DMV Rates regarding your options and what documentation you’ll need to obtain such plates.

If you’re seeking a personalized vanity plate, we’ll give you information on forms and fees according to your state. We’ll also tell you how many characters on your plate are allowed, and we’ll give you guidelines on what to avoid to ensure that your plate isn’t rejected. We even offer a tool that allows you to type in your vanity plate idea and it will tell you whether or not your that character combination is already taken.