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DUI & DWI Information

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) are serious offenses. It is thought that between 40% to 50% of all traffic accidents involve alcohol as a cause. This means that DUI charges are prosecuted aggressively and punishments tend to be severe. To try to avoid harsh consequences, consider hiring a DUI attorney. To start the process, just fill out the form below:

What Is Considered A DUI?

DUI’s are a serious offense in every state, but the details of what is considered to be a DUI varies from state-to-state. Most states regulate that a driver over 21 years of age is committing a DUI if the driver has a blood alcohol higher than 0.08%. But if a driver is under 21, different states have different regulations on how much alcohol is allowed. To see the rules of your state, select your location from above.

Second Offences

If you are charged with a second DUI offense, all states will treat the repeat offense harsher than the first offense. In some states, your license could be revoked and you could face jail time. In such cases, you could consider hiring a DUI attorney to help lessen your penalties.

Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous and should always be avoided. By getting behind the wheel with alcohol in your system, you’re putting your own life and the life of others at risk. If you do make the mistake of drinking and driving and are charged with a DUI, you still deserve fair treatment

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