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Background Checks

Whether it’s a new employee, a used car seller, or a babysitter, a background check can help give you peace of mind in knowing who you’re dealing with. With a background check from Intelius, you can get access to public, commercial, criminal and financial records of an individual. Viewing a person’s past employment or criminal history can tell you a lot about an individual. By doing a background check, you’ll gain confidence and trust in those around you.

As a leader in background record information, Intelius has been endorsed by the National Child Safety Foundation and is trusted as one of the top resources online for background checks and criminal history. Intelius’s information offers accurate and high quality information that you can use to help protect yourself and your family.

When it comes to the safety and security of your family, you can’t afford to take chances. To trust someone, you need to know their character, and a background check from the industry leader will help you with that.